Our Waters

Reading and District Waters


Reading and District waters comprise of many miles of the river kennet and thames where good catches of bream and barbel are possible. There are also a number of quality lakes including gravel pits containing specimen fish to give you your new personal best.

River Thames - Hardwick Estate


This fishery is shared with Excelsior Angling Club and was added to our water holding in 1995.  The licence covers approximately 600 yards of the north bank of the River Thames up stream of Reading & District's Mapledurham Section.  There are 30 well spaced pegs between overhanging willow trees with easy access and river side parking.  This section of river just seems to get better year on year with a big head of bream to 8lb and an average 4lb - 5lb.  It also holds a good head of roach and perch in excess of 3lb, chub and the odd tench, some big pike and some monstrous carp.  The biggest match weight on this water has been 54lb in 5 hours with numerous pleasure catches in excess of 10lb+ (Silver fish), or even more if the Bream and Chub feed, see our Fishing Gallery.  Again, this is a very peaceful water and a great pleasure fishing venue.




Tapperns Lake - Theale


Tapperns Lake was dug 20+ years ago and is a 2.2 acre lake.  It has 34 platforms to fish from with an island at one end which can also be fished from.  It has an average depth of 6ft - 8ft and contains carp (20lb+), tench (6lb+), bream (6lb+), roach, perch, crucians and pike.  It has a secure padlocked access car park with easy access to the lake.  It has two pegs for use by disabled anglers who can park their cars directly behind the pegs.  This fishery has no closed season so can be fished all year round.

tapperns lake